Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is the largest and most mountainous of the Ionian Islands and the third most populous after Corfu and Zakynthos. Located opposite the entrance of Gulf of Patras north of the island, south of Lefkada and west of Ithaca.

The island has an area of approximately 781 sq. km. in this population of about 34.488 inhabitants. Much of the area occupied by the mountain Ainos main peaks of Megas Soros (1.628m.), Agia Dinati (1.131m.) Evmorfia (1.043m.) And Kokkini Rachi (1.078m.)

The most important valleys are those of Kranaia of Palikis peninsula, the island Araklia and Sami. The coastline of Kefalonia form many bays and headlands. Grander bays are Sami, Myrtos, Lourdas Atheras, Fiskardo, Livadi, Argostoli aka Koutavos. Of particular interest are the caves of the island, such as precipitous Mellisani, Agalaki, Saints Theodore, Zervati, the drogkarati Cave, the cave Sakkou etc. Myrtos beach on the northwestern side of the island has been voted 11 times as the best Greek sea according to the annual poll of Ministry of Environment In the rest of the island you can visit the beaches of Petani, back Ammo Makris Gialos Beach Xi, Fiskardo, Poros etc.

The island has two large monasteries. One is the monastery of St. Andrew Miliapidias, located in the current municipality Leivathou and the other is located in the center of the island, the community Omalon and is dedicated to the patron of the island Ag. Gerasimos. Both are female. Special religious interest is the appearance of snakes in mid-August to the passages Arginia and Markopoulos municipality Elio - Pronni. Snakes in the tradition only appear these days with the grace of the Virgin Mary.

The island may not be famous for its nightlife, like other Greek islands, but it certainly will not disappoint visitors! There are many bars and clubs on the island, clustered mainly in Argostoli, Lixouri, Sami, Skala, Fiskardo and Poro. Also do not miss the unique parties organized in the summer the most cosmopolitan beach bars on the island.